Key Manufacturers

RL-24R Ingot Preheater and Loader New 1998 used 1 Used Aluminum and Zinc Melting Holding FurnacesA number of types of furnaces are used in the die casting and foundry industries. Furnace types include reverberatory, electric arc furnaces (EAF), induction furnaces, cupolas and crucible furnaces. There are key manufacturers in the Melting Furnaces and Die Casting Industry. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies.


Since 1983, Dynarad has been a world-wide  leader in melting and holding furnaces.  Originally known as StrikoDynarad, Dynarad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the StrikoWestofen Group. In 1999, Dynarad® was purchased by the StrikoWestofen group and renamed StrikoDynarad.   StrikoDynarad relocated from California to Holland, Michigan in 1991.


3800 pound capacity gas holding furnace used 1 Striko Modern Thermtronix Cal-MiserCal-Miser manufactures energy efficient gas-fired aluminum holding furnaces. Originally design by a die caster, Cal-Miser is known for  low-maintenance, easy to operate holding furnaces available. Cal-Miser features compact design, varying blower speed and high efficiency makes Cal-Miser one of the most practical furnaces available.

Lindberg/MPH builds a full line of both melting and holding furnaces for the die casting and foundry industries including dry hearth and wet batch reverberatory, high efficiency stack (shaft/Tower)melters and immersion furnaces as well as launder systems for hot metal delivery from the melting furnace to the die casting machine.