Used Striko Westofen Melting Furnaces

die casting machinery for sale used second handAvailable Used Melting Furnaces include used (second hand) Striko Westofen Aluminum and Magnesium melting, holding and dosing furnaces. Striko builds a full line of both stationary and tilting melting furnaces. Striko is very famous for this full line of shaft (stack) type high efficiency melting furnaces known as StrikoMelter furnaces. The most common models include Strikos MH II-T (tilting furnace), MH II B (stationary with metal pump well), MHS and the WHS-T tilting large batch capacity furnace. Striko is also famous for their dosing furnaces, the Westomat ProDos furnaces have been used in 1,000s of applications worldwide. Striko Westofen Westomat ProDos furnaces are available in eight standard models including: 450S 650S/SL, 900 S/SL; 1700S. 2300 S/SB 3100S and 4100 S

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Striko Westofen 1000 KG per hour Aluminum Melting Furnace

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